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Location: Daveena plaza Hotel From Hull UK

David ,Jackie,Sheila and Barry

Well what can we say, arrived after being up at 4.00am in Hongkong. We've only been at our Thailand hotel 30 mins and need to eat our 1st meal here in Thailand. Quick look on trip advisor and pick here from great reviews. Not disappointed . Great atmosphere, great staff , amazing menu. And a beer selection from the gods. We all ordered different things, seafood, mushrooms, steaks, duck etc.
First of all the timings throughout the meal were perfect. The staff attention to us was perfect, there attitude, perfect.
The food presentation was amazing, like being in a op London restaurant. The quantity and quality matched the presentation.
Thank you very much and we shall definitely be seeing you again before we leave.

Location: Bangkok

Albert kong

I am writing as a customer. Tonight I came for dinner with my wife for a steak dinner after some stay in Phuket. I also ate a steak dinner at Phuket ( recommended by tripadvisor) last night. My frank opinion is, given the dire of good steak restaurants in thailand, this one , in ao nang, should satisfy the most discerning foodie if they should have a longing for a steak dinner in thailand. Thailand, being not very competitive for good quality imported meat ( high taxes) do not have many steak restaurants that provide reasonable price for a good steak. Carnivore restaurant, I believe, provide good value for money with their prices. Service is also good. Attentive staff extensive wine list . A value that is not easy to get in Thailand. Believe me, I have been in Thailand for 22 years and had extensive experiences in China, south east Asia. I lived in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur , Bangkok for most of my life. Again I strongly recommend this restaurant for a good steak dinner if you are in ao nang.

Location: Chaing Mai Thailand

Mike and Juliett

While vacationing in Ao Nang last week my wife had a craving for steak. I searched Trip Advisor for recommendations and we selected the Carnivore Steak and Grill. Outstanding choice!! The 400g ribeye we ordered with the Carnivore topping was, hands down, the most amazing ribeye we have experienced, EVER! The quality of the steak was superb and cooked to perfection, as was the filet of lamb that we also enjoyed. The two dishes were not only the best "bang for the buck" we have had but also two of the best dishes we have enjoyed anywhere. The chef, whom we asked to meet, was appreciative of the comments and very humble. The staff were a true pleasure and very attentive. We're spreading the word about this place to all of our friends.

Location: Dubai, UAE

Denise & Marc

I read about Carnivore on TripAdvisor prior to our trip. I emailed them asking them to reserve a table for my husband and I since we were celebrating our 1st anniversary at the restaurant. The owner, Gidi promptly replied doing this exactly. When we arrived, the menu was explained to us. Gidi personally came to our table to congratulate us and offer his recommendations (something you do not have in Dubai - even at the most poshest of restaurants). After selecting our drinks, our complimentary salads were brought to us along with an order of the garlic bread. Tastiest salad ever (and I'm not a fan of salad otherwise). The steaks were cooked to perfection and the taste was absolutely unbelievable. Not at all greasy (like many restaurants we've been to). The ribeye had a nice and tasty bit of fat around the edges and the mushrooms were brilliant! The sides were roasted potatoes (for me) and loaded mash (for the hubby). Hubby didn't leave much for me because it was THAT yummy! With a full belly, we were then offered a shot of Sambuca each with little roasted coffee beans inside it. This apparently refreshes your taste buds. Shortly after which we were surprised with a little cake decorated with the number 1 on it. Truly a lovely gesture from Gidi

We just want to thank Gidi and the lovely staff at Carnivore for an absolutely amazing experience and the incredible food. We've lived in Dubai for over 25 years; yet not once have we been allowed to walk into a fancy restaurant in flip flops and sandals and eaten like Gods.

Location: Australia

James mollan

Absolutely awesome food, great service you wont be dissapointed. Weve been twice, and both times stuffed. Definitely coming back!!! Awesome!!! Love the steak and salads! And irish coffee!!!

Location: Spain

Adrian Thomson

We have just had 3 wonderful meals in the best restaurant in Ao Nang, the first couple of time we enjoyed the Rib Eye, then the owner suggested the Lamb Fillet, so back again this was also wonderful, well done for having a great place to dine with excellent food great wine, what more could you want, well i would like to return but i'm already back in Spain.

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